About Us

It can get really frustrating when you try to locate a country code and do not know how to go about it. AllCountryCode.com was created to make it easy for users to locate not only the country codes but other important information about the country as well.

We understand that locating such information on a space as vast as the internet could be tough, as you may need to keep shuffling between websites and search engines looking for the desired information, and all that shuffling usually creates room for a lot of errors. However, AllCountryCode.com makes it really easy for you, by offering you different types of information like Country codes, Phone codes, Dialling codes, Domain name extensions, ISO codes, etc. all on one platform; hence, it eliminates the need to keep going through different websites.

We value our site users, and that is why we have ensured that the website is seamless and straightforward, to enable users enjoy easy navigation through the site.

In order to give our users an awesome experience, the website comes with other interesting features like dialing instructions for a country, the local time, weather information, the city codes of each country, the coordinates, the languages spoken, electricity, statistics, easy URLs, etc.

We stay up to date with happenings around the world, hence, if there are changes to effect to any info contained within the site, w ensure that we make the necessary changes where needs be.

AllCountryCode.com is your perfect go-to site for country codes and other related information.